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Amber Castle

Hello friends! Welcome to ‘Bloomin Unique’ I’m really delighted to see you here.

I’m Amber, and I’m your new Personal Development & Confidence Coach. The name ‘Bloomin Unique’ comes from a desire for every human being to be embraced and celebrated as the complicated, unique, joyful, quirky, distinctive and wonderful people we are.

This world blossoms when we all play a role in that diversity. Imagine how dreary and subdued it would be if our one desire was to be like everyone else. I started as a Personal Development & Confidence Coach as I wanted to help others achieve success, contentment and a lot more joy in their lives.

“My favourite part of being a life coach is getting to know each client and being entrusted with their unique lives and personalities is a privilege, watching clients reaching those ‘Ah Ha’ moments is priceless”

-Amber Castle

What do I do for fun when I’m not working?

After many years of working with animals and wildlife, I still find myself fascinated with our natural world. You will find me hiking / camping in habitats teaming with life, snorkelling and swimming when I can and walking our French bulldog ‘Boho’.

I love to read and am currently writing a book (Stay tuned), Salsa dancing, Buddhism, Tudor History, home renovations and Bohemian décor and I also study for fun!

You can’t beat a great adventure. Whether I find that in travelling the world, or discovering unique insects in our very own back yard. I love to immerse myself in new experiences (I recently discovered I enjoyed watching the World Cup) Go Tillies!

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Where it all began

Many years ago, I suffered a terrible tragedy when my brother passed away in a car accident. As a young woman, my life was forever changed. I suffered terribly from depression and anxiety and ended up seeking treatment in hospital. While I was there, I met a young gentlemen who had severe schizophrenia. He was angry, distraught and his suffering was colossal.

One morning as I sat on my bed, he strode into my room full of gusto and confidence. When he locked eyes with me, I could see his eyes roll back as he listened to the voices in his head. As he sat down, he spoke in a calm and soothing manner when he said ‘I just wanted to say hello and make sure you’re ok as you look life is getting you down’.

I couldn’t believe that someone so unwell, still cared about another human being that he had never even met before. He gave me a safe sanctuary on that day. He understood that life could be painful and challenging. I have never forgotten how much this young man inspired me to live a full and rich life.

Sometimes a few words of encouragement, and acceptance can change our world. It takes courage to look deeply within to understand our values, thinking patterns and habits. The work that we do to give ourselves the best chance to achieve our goals in life is not easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding and powerful.

Once I recovered, I decided to live authentically and unapologetically. 

With the right skills and with the help of my own coach, I was given the resources and skills to become my own champion. And that is EXACTLY what I did.

I have travelled the world, become friends with Tibetan Dalai Lama Monks, hand raised chimpanzees at an ape rescue centre, worked in film and television, worked as a presenter / salsa dancer / actor, trained tour guides, worked for The Walt Disney Company, been a puppeteer, dog trainer, zookeeper, Museum officer and now Business Owner, Author and Life Coach!

What are your goals and dreams? Are you ready to start reaching them?

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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Achieving Personal Growth

My approach to helping people achieve growth is by being honest and open, being raw, being brave and committing to change.

Building better habits, becoming more resilient, developing acceptance of life, being persistent, understanding your values, looking at your mental habits and then celebrating your victories.

Specialising In Key Areas

Neuro Linguistics Programming

Specialising in neuro-linguistic programming, empowering individuals to transform their lives through effective communication techniques


Specialising in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, guiding individuals towards living a meaningful and fulfiling life.


Specialising in helping individuals navigate and embrace the different stages and transitions of life cycles


Specialising in personal development, empowering individuals to unleash their full potential and achieve their goals


Specialising in helping individuals build unwavering confidence and self-belief to unlock their true potential.

Career Coaching

Specialising in guiding individuals towards finding fulfilling careers that align with their passions and talents.